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About Us

About Us

Sunnyside Packing Company is a family owned and operated grower, packer and shipper of quality fruits and vegetables with headquarters in the fertile San Joaquin Valley of California. Founded in 1948, Sunnyside Packing Company has been cultivating only the finest quality produce and business practices for over sixty five years. Specializing in the production and distribution of vegetable crops, we offer a product line of over 25 commodities available year-round.

In addition to our primary growing and shipping business, we also offer custom storage and handling solutions. Cold and dry storage, cross docking, repacking and transportation are just a few of the customized turn key options that we offer to help you meet the demands of your business. Conveniently located in central Calfornia, we are just a few short hours away from most major metropolitan areas within California.

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Our Mission

Generation to generation, our mission has remained the same; produce a healthy, safe product that people around the world can enjoy. Through socially and environmentally responsible practices, tend to the crops and our customers with the utmost care and respect. Become and remain a positive member of our communities, the industry and the environment. Provide our associate growers with fair market access and the opportunities to share the fruits of their labor. Become a leader in innovative production practices and business methods that helps shape the industry in the 21st Century. Above all, enjoy being part of such a remarkable and dynamic industry while preserving our business and relationships for future generations to enjoy!


Founded in 1948 Sunnyside Packing was the vision of three men; Fred Hirasuna, Minoru Omata and Morris Cocola. They wanted to share the fine quality produce of the many small family farms in the area with the rest of the world. As a consolidation point and marketing arm for the local farmers, Sunnyside Packing soon caught wide spread industry attention becoming well known for our superior quality strawberries and wide array of vegetables.

Originally located in Fresno to the north, we quickly outgrew our facility and after careful consideration opened the doors of our Selma facility in 1978. Following decades of successful leadership Fred passed on the torch to his son Stuart who continues to be a key factor of the company’s ongoing success. Still a family owned and operated business, Sunnyside Packing Company continues to remain an industry leader in quality, freshness and overall business excellence.

Food Safety


Like our mission states, providing a safe and nutritious product to our customers is our number one priority. From our fields to your dinner table, extreme care is taken to ensure that what you are buying is only the safest, most nutritious, quality product found anywhere. Officially titled S.A.F.E. (Sunnyside Agricultural Food safety Education and enhancement), our food safety program encompasses the industry’s best practices and strict adherence is mandatory of all Company growers. Regular ranch, harvest crew and cooler self-audits are conducted each growing season in addition to routine third party audits. One of the most unique aspects of our S.A.F.E program is the on-going education we provide for our associate growers in addition to us working one-on-one with each grower to ensure they understand and are adhering to our Company policies. With over 150 growers under contract, many for who English is not their first language, the task can be daunting. Challenging or not, our commitment to food safety and to you, our customer is steadfast and unwavering.

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